Monthly Archives: July 2016

OTS stakeholder conference

We had a really engaging stakeholder conference about our future strategy last Monday evening (18 July), and would like to thank all those who came and took such an active part.


It was a great opportunity to explore the issues set out in the consultation document we published on 12 May, building on the dozen written responses we’ve received. Over 80 people came, from a wide variety of business, tax and other backgrounds, as well as members of the Treasury and HMRC, and participated in lively and stimulating discussions, following introductory speeches from Angela Knight (Chair of OTS Board) and James Bowler (Director-General Tax and Welfare in HM Treasury). Much of the evening was spent considering the questions we’d raised in the consultation document by reference to the prompt questions we put up on the screen, engagingly facilitated by John Whiting, our Tax Director.


We’re preparing an update on our strategic thinking, taking account of the things we heard on Monday and all the written responses we’ve had, so if you have any further thoughts, do let us know by 31 July.  We’ll aim to publish this in early September.


David Halsey