The breaking of the fellowship of the (OTS) ring….

The OTS was very fortunate in being able to form two excellent teams to work on our Small Companies and IT/NICs projects. In each case we have had five people from the private sector, with Aaron Yamoah and Angela Brown respectively acting as project managers. It is thanks to a huge effort from all concerned that we managed to get two excellent reports out on time – reports that have been well received by Ministers, as evidenced by the letter from the Financial Secretary (see ).
Sadly, like the Fellowship of the Ring, the teams are parting as we have reached the end of the main phase of the projects. (Thankfully, unlike the parting of the Ring Fellowship, nobody has died, despite the pressures on everyone to complete the reports…the nominal two days a week that most were down to work was something of a starter!). Theresa Dendy, Suzanna Ingham and Elaine Kennedy are returning to their firms (Deloitte, PwC and Grant Thornton respectively: we really are very grateful for their generosity in making such expertise available to us) and Justine Riccomini, Brian Palmer and David King will be trying to catch up on their other activities.
Meanwhile Andy Richens, Marian Drew, Rebecca Seeley Harris and John Hampton will be continuing with us for a further spell as we take forward aspects of the two projects. We are very grateful to all the team members for all their hard work and expertise.

Meanwhile, if some OTS doors are closing, others will be opening as we seek people to work on our new corporate tax project. We are still developing the terms of reference but we have just published an outline for the policy adviser roles we will be trying to fill. If you are interested in working with us, do have a look at: .

John Whiting
29 March 2016

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